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Next Club Meeting

Monday – April 13th, 2015
6:30 PM
Woodcraft Store
9280 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL


April, 2015
"Box with Hand Threaded Lid"
Ed Malesky

Upcoming Club Demos

May, 2015
"Bowl Coring"
Donald Penny
June, 2015
"Stretching exercises and improving body positioning while working at the lathe."
Aaron P Robles Sr PT MPT CFMT of John Goetze Physical Therapy
July, 2015
"Salt Cellar/Box"
Ray Smith
August, 2015
Kathy McCall
September, 2015
Tina Minahan

March 2014 Meeting

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Intro to segmented turning

Build an accurate sled

Building the sled (part 2)

Designing a bowl

Designing a bowl (part 2)

Prepping your stock

Cutting the segments

Gluing the segments

Flattening the rings

Fixing segments

Stacking the rings

The finish

Zig-zag feature ring (part 1)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 2)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 3)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 4)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 5)

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