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Next Club Meeting

Monday – January 12th, 2015
6:30 PM
Woodcraft Store
9280 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL


January, 2015
"Homemade Tool Discussion"
Bring your homemade tools to show and discuss

Upcoming Club Demos

February, 2015
"Form and Foot"
Don Geiger

March 2014 Meeting

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Intro to segmented turning

Build an accurate sled

Building the sled (part 2)

Designing a bowl

Designing a bowl (part 2)

Prepping your stock

Cutting the segments

Gluing the segments

Flattening the rings

Fixing segments

Stacking the rings

The finish

Zig-zag feature ring (part 1)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 2)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 3)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 4)

Zig-zag feature ring (part 5)

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