B4000You Can Whistle and Carve
B4001Complete Guide to Wood Carving
B4002Know Your Woods
B4003Guide to Southern Trees
B4004The White House Collection of Southern Trees
B4005Wood Lathe Projects for Fun & Profit
B4006Woodturning Jewlery
B4007Beginner's Guide to Woodturning
B4008The Woodturner's Bible
B4009Important Trees of Eastern Forests
B4010Forest Trees of Florida
B4011Turning Wood With Richard raffin
B4012Turning for Amateurs
B4013The Lathe Book
B4014Small & Exciting Woodturning Projects
B4015Creative Woodturning
B4016Turning Guide with Richard Raffin (3 books)
B4017Learn To Turn - Barry Gross
B4018Woodturning (Two Books in One) - Phil Irons
B4019The Wookbench Book
B4020Ornamental or Complex Turning
B4021The Nature of Woodworking
B4022Complete Guide to Sharpening
B4023Basic Bowl Turning w/ Judy Ditmer
B4024Wood - The Ultimate Interiors Book
B4025Shaping Wood - Lonnie Bird
B4026Power Tools - Sandor Nagyszalanzy
B4027Lathe & Turning Tech - Fine Woodworking
B4028Joinery - Gary Rogowski
B4029Advanced Woodworking
B4030Veneering, A Complete Course
B4031Practical Scroll Saw Patterns
B4032Simple Marquetry - Mike Burten
B4033The Bandsaw Book - Lonnie Bird
B4034Picture Frames in the Afternoon
B4035Practical Projects From Fine Woods
B4036Turning Wooden toys
B4037Practical Designs for Wood Turning
B4038Colouring Tech for Wood Turning
B4039Jigs, Fixtures and Setups
B4040Colonial Classics You Can Build Today
B4041River of Destiny
B4042Frugal Woodturner
B4043The Woodturners Work Book - Ray Key
B4044Ideas for Woodturning - Anders Therlin
B4045Make Money from Wood Turning - Ann & Bob Phillips
B4046Ceramic Form Design & Decoration _ Peter Lane
B4047Challenge VI - Roots, Insight and Inspirations
B4048Beneath the Bark - Christensen
B4049Woodturning Forms & Materials - John Hunnex
B4050Woodturning Projects - A Workshop Garden to Shop - Mark Baker
B4052The Top
B4054Understanding Wood Furnishing
B5056365+ Great Shop Tips - Vol 3
B5057300 Great Shop Tips - Vol 2
B4058Ornaments & Eggs
B4059The Fundamentals of Woodturning
B4060Fabulous turned-Wood Projects
B4061Turning Projects - Richard Raffin
B4062Turning Boxes - Richard Raffin
B4064Pens From The Wood Lathe
B4065500 Wood Bowls
B4066Projects For The Mini Lathe
B4067The Art of The Lathe
B4069Marquerty & Inlay Handbook
B4070Finishing Basics
B4071Woodturners Project Book
B4072Segmented Woodturning
B4073Marbling Paper & Fabric
B4074Decorative Marbling
B4075Marbling - Easy & Elegant Projects


Reference #TitleAuthor 
D3000From Tree to TableMahoney
D3001Two Ways to Make a Bowl
D3002Starting Your Creative EngineStudal
D3003Simplified Fluting w/Al Caton (Disk 1 & 2)Canton
D3004Turning Outside the Box w/ Beth Ireland Ireland
D3008Relief Carved Embellishments w/ Tony CorteseCortese
D3009Turned Boxes, The Finial Box w/Ray KeyKey
D3010The Capsule Box w/ Ray KeyKey
D3012The Finial Box w/Ray KeyKey
D3013Sculpting Wood Beyond the Lathe w/ Trent BoschBosch
D3014Vessels of Illusion w/Trent BoschBosch
D3015Introduction to Segemented Turning w/Curt TheobaldTheobold
D3016Segmented Patterns w/Curt TheoboldTheobold
D3018Thin wall Turning w/ Bihn PhoBihn Pho
D3019Surface Design w/Bihn PhoBihn Pho
D3021Making an Erosion BowlScobie
D3022Mastering Woodturning - Tools & Techniques by Glenn Lucas Lucas
D3024Sharpening Woodturning Tools w/ Mike DarlowDarlow
D3025Hand Crafted Pens, The Basics (Penn State)
D3027Beyond the Basic Bowl - Bill GrumbineGrumbine
D3028Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist w/Emma LakeLake
D3029Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist - The Workick Collection
D3030Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist - Gianfranco AngelinoAngelino
D3031Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist - Chrisitian BurchardBurchard
D3032Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist - Frank Cumming IIICumming
D3033Beyond Wood -Portrait of an Artist - Rude OsolinkOsolink
D3034Hollow Forms the Easy Way w/Lyle JamesionJamesion
D3036Woodturning Workshop w/Tim YoderYoder
D3037Woodturning Workshop w/Tim Yoder - Vol 3Yoder
D3038Woodturning Workshop w/Tim Yoder - Vol 4Yoder
D3039Turning Furniture Spindles w/Ernie ConoverConover
D3040Closed-end Pens w/ Ed DavidsonDavidson
D3041YOYO Turning w/Ed DavidsonDavidson
D3043Woodturning - Getting Started Right w/Alan LancerLancer
D3044Son of A Skew w/ Alan LancerLancer
D3045The Skew Chisel w/Alan LancerLancer
D3047Turn It On w/ Jimmy Clewes Vol 2Clewes
D3048Turn It On w/ Jimmy Clewes Vol 3Clewes
D3049Turning The World w/Jimmy Clewes Vol 1Clewes
D3050Turning The World w/Jimmy Clewes Vol 2Clewes
D3051Turning The World w/Jimmy Clewes Vol 3Clewes
D3052Turn It Up w/ Jimmy Clewes Vol 1Clewes
D3053Turn It Up w/ Jimmy Clewes Vol 2Clewes
D3054Turn It Up w/ Jimmy Clewes Vol 3Clewes
D3055Beading w Scratch Stock, Molding Plane & Router w/Garrett HackHack
D3057Turned Gift Projects the American Woodshop w/ Scott PhillipsPhillips
D3058Hollow Turning w/John Jordan (Disk 1 & 2)Jordan
D3060Lathe 101, The New Yankee Workshop w/ Norm AbramAbram
D3061Secrets for Perfect Wood Finish w/Master Finisher Bob FlexnerFlexner
D3062The Use and Care of Safety Products, Eye, Ear & Lung
D3063Brushing Varnishes, Lacquer, shellac w/Jeff JewettJewett
D3064French Polish w/Jeff JewettJewett
D3066Bowl Turning w/ Del StubbsStubbs
D3067AAW Presents Instant Gallery of 1996 Symposium
D3068AAW Presents Instant Gallery of 1996 Symposium
D3069A Basic Bowl on the Lathe w/Richard RaffanRaffan
D3071Turning Projects w/Richard Raffan (Disk 1 & 2)Raffan
D3072Turning a Box with a Fitted Lid w/Richard RaffanRaffan
D3074Turning Boxes w/ Richard RaffanRaffan
D3076The American Workshop w/Scott Phillips (Ellsworth- Arrowmont)Phillips
D3077The AAW - Who We Are & What We Offer
D3078Basic Bowl Turning Woodworks w/David MarksMarks
D3079Elliptical Turning, An Introduction w/David SpringettSpringett
D3081Focus Cutting Threads w/Robert SorbySorby
D3082Natural Edge Bowl Turning Techniques w/David HoutHout
D3083Woodturning techniques w/Dave HoutHout
D3084Pens and Keyrings Woodturning Techniques w/Dave HoutHout
D3087American Woodshop - Turning a Floor Lamp w/Joe RakerRaker
D3088Goldleafing w/Joe RakerRaker
D3089Woodturning Projects w/Rex & Kip Vol 2Rex&Kip
D3091Woodturning Projects by Rex & KipRex&Kip
D3092Woodturning Projects w/Rex & Kip Vol 4Rex&Kip
D3093Hollow Forms and Urns, a workshop w/Mike MahonyMahony
D3094Woodturning w/Steven Russell Vol3 (2 disks)Russell
D3095Finial Star - Cindy DrozdaDrozda
D3096Fabulous Finial Box w/Cindy DrozdaDrozda
D3097Elegant Finials w/ Cindy DrozdaDrozda
D3099100+ Tips and Techniques
D3100Woodturning Projects for Everyone, Nick Cook Vol 1Cook
D3101Woodturning Projects for Everyone, Nick Cook Vol 2Cook
D3102Tips for Turning Tape w/David EllsworthEllsworth
D3103Dennis White Teaches Woodturning Part 2 (Disk 1 & 2)White
D3104Turning Between Centers w/ Dennis White Vol 1White
D3105Turning Bowls w/Dennis White Vol 2White
D3106Boxes, Goblets and Screw Threads w/ Dennis White Vol 3White
D3107Novelties and Projects w/Dennis White Vol 4White
D3108Classic Profiles w/Dennis White Vol 5White
D3109Twist and Advanced Turning w/Dennis White Vol 6White
D3110Essential Woodworking Techniques
D3111Furniture Making Secrets, Skillls 7 Techniques
D3112More Woodturning Magazine (All Issues)
D3113Ellsworth Signature GougeEllsworth
D3114Creating Creative Inlays with Larry Fox Fox
D3115Creating "Outlays" from Inlays with Larry Fox Fox
D3116Mastering the Side Ground Bowl GougeGeiger
D3117Woodturning Workshop- Postage Stamp/Ladle/Surface DecorationYoder
D3118Woodturning Workshop- Captive Ring GobletYoder
D3119Woodturning Workshop- Sandblasted Turnings/Segmented Part 1Yoder
D3120Woodturning Workshop- Segmented Part 2/Ship Tube OrnamentYoder

Professional Demonstrations

Reference #TitleDemonstrator
D5000Turnaround w/ Jimmy ClewesClewes
D5001Tony Cortese Demo 4/19/08 PMCortese
D5002Tony Cortese Demo 4/19/08 AMCortese
D5003Bihn Pho Demo #1 11/17/08Bihn Pho
D5004Bihn Pho Demo #2 11/17/08Bihn Pho
D5005Nick Cook Demo #1 AMCook
D5006Nick Cook Demo #2 PMCook
D5007Al Hockenberry Workshop Disk 1Hockenberry
D5008Al Hockenberry Workshop Disk 2Hockenberry
D5009Al Hockenberry Workshop Disk 3Hockenberry
D5010Al Hockenberry Workshop Disk 4Hockenberry
D5011Michael Mode Demo - 5 Ring Bowl Part 1 02/10Mode
D5012Michael Mode Demo - 5 Ring Bowl Part 2 02/10Mode
D5013Michael Mode Demo - 5 Ring Bowl Part 3 02/10Mode
D5014Michael Hosaluk Demo - Twisty Part 1 03/10Hosaluk
D5015Michael Hosaluk Demo - Twisty Part 2 03/10Hosaluk
D5016Michael Hosaluk Demo - Disk 1 03/10Hosaluk
D5017Michael Hosaluk Demo - Disk 2 03/10Hosaluk
D5018Michael Hosaluk Demo - Disk 3 03/10Hosaluk
D5019Michael Hosaluk Demo - Disk 4 03/10Hosaluk
D5020Michael Hosaluk Demo - Disk 5 03/10Hosaluk
D5021Fred Holder DemoHolder
D5022Rudy Lopez Demo (December 2010) Disk 1Lopez
D5023Rudy Lopez Demo (December 2010) Disk 2Lopez
D5024Rudy Lopez Demo (December 2010) Disk 3Lopez
D5025Rudy Lopez Demo (December 2010) Disk 4Lopez
D5026David Ellsworth Demo- Ellsworth Grind (April 2011) Disk 1 Ellsworth
D5027David Ellsworth Demo- Cut Rim Bowl (April 2011) Disk 2 Ellsworth
D5028David Ellsworth Demo- Hollow Pot (April 2011) Disk 3 Ellsworth
D5029Jimmy Clewes Demo- Platter (November 2011)Clewes
D5030Jimmy Clewes Demo- African Drum Style Box (November 2011)Clewes
D5031Jimmy Clewes Demo- Simple Bowl (November 20110)Clewes
D5032Jimmy Clewes Demo- Oyster Box/Skew (November 2011)Clewes
D5033Jimmy Clewes Demo- Twist Candlestick (November 2011)Clewes
D5034Al Stirt Demo - Grain, Balancing and Roughing A Bowl (April 2012)Stirt
D5034Al Stirt Demo - Turning A Cherry Bowl/ Slid show of work (April 2012)Stirt
D5036Al Stirt demo - Turning A Platter, beads & Coves/Carving (April 2012)Stirt

Club Meeting Demonstrations

Reference # Title (Demonstrator)
D6000Natural Edge Bowls(McLaughlin)/Basic Bowl Making(Malesky)
D6001Segmented Basics(Proehl)/Open Segmentation(Beck)
D6002Birdhouse Ornament(Blake)/Holiday Ornament(Hunt & Malesky)
D6003Making a Hollowing Tool(Blake)/Small Hollwing Tools(Malesky)/
D6003Shop Mallet(Larrett)
D6004Laying out Spirals(Robeson)/Offset Turning(Taylor)/
D6004Pimples & Dimples(Malesky)
D6005Skew Basics(Hunt)/Skewing a Banana(Mclaughlin)/
D6005Box Design & Box Making(Malesky)
D6006Making A Platter/Reverse Chucking/Collar Insert(Grzybala)
D6007Casting Pen Blanks(Grange)/Pewter Casting(Layman)/
D6008Lacquer Finishing(Schroeer)/Signature Finish(O'Donnell/Grzybala)
D6009Photographing Your Work(McLaughlin)/Piercing & Pyrography(Hunt)
D6011Square Box(McLaughlin)/Square Bowl(Brown)
D6012Thin Wall(Hunt)/Banksia Pods(Hunt)
D6014Ed's Easy Hollow Ornament
D6015Gliding & Patinas(Larrett)/Jewelry(Seivert & Grzybala)
D6016Ed's Easy Hollow Ornament(Malesky)